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We're Right Where You Need Us.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. If a loved one is still recovering from a sudden illness or injury, this is a place where they can get the help they need, with the compassion they desire.

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Desert Springs Healthcare
Desert Springs Healthcare & Wellness Centre is for people of all cultures and all faiths. We meet individual needs with respect and sensitivity.

As a skilled nursing facility, we believe that education, compassion, and strong community involvement are the foundation of providing better healthcare.

Our Mission:

Here at Desert Springs Healthcare & Wellness Centre our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective, compassionate care, using the latest technology within our resources.

Unique Programs:

Our programs are all unique, but the goals are always the same; to make your loved one's stay, whether it be brief or an extended period of time, a secure and comfortable one.

Proven Performance:

Our track record of quality patient care, ethical medical billing, regulatory compliance and the highest level of customer service form the foundation of our rehabilitation solutions.



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